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Our Services

Our services are not restricted to erection and operation of the station only,
the extend after sale and is represented by provision of spare parts for
(5) five years from the date of erection and operation.

We also train (2) two engineers or technicians nominated by their companies,
they receive comprehensive training in handling transmission
apparatus and they are equipped with whatever knowledge they should know using
catalogues and lectures.

We pay field visits periodically and continuously to the station after its erection
and operation and follow-up its performance.

When there is a problem or breakdown in the station we have an integrated
engineering work team with high experience in this field gained from long
experience which will be at the site immediately after contacting us.


  • Medium wave AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters (both analog and digital)
  • Navigational radio beacons
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) transmitters
  • Medium frequency (MF) telegraph and NAVTEX transmitters
  • High frequency (HF) amplifiers for dielectric heating application


  • Tower antenna (Civil work + installation + protection + lighting )